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International work

NNR is actively involved in better regulation efforts, at both EU and OECD level. NNR sometimes acts independently at EU level, but it frequently acts through BusinessEurope. NNR participates in BusinessEurope’s Better Regulation Working Group. In wider international contexts, NNR also cooperates with the BIAC Governance and Regulatory Policy Committee, including participation in OECD Regulatory Policy Committee meetings.

BIAC – the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD

Founded in 1962, the BIAC is an independent international trade organisation that represents the business community in the OECD and acts as an advisory body to decision makers in the OECD. Further information on the BIAC is available here.

NNR cooperates with the BIAC’s Governance and Regulatory Policy Committee. The committee contributes to the work of the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee by aiming to achieve more business-friendly regulations, reduced regulatory costs for businesses and a better regulatory process through better impact assessments and evaluations of actual results of regulations and the simplification of regulation. NNR contributes to BIAC’s work through the Regulatory Policy Committee’s meetings. Further information on the BIAC’s Governance and Regulatory Policy Committee is available here.


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