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International work

NNR is actively involved in better regulation efforts, at both EU and OECD level. NNR sometimes acts independently at EU level, but it frequently acts through BusinessEurope. NNR participates in BusinessEurope’s Better Regulation Working Group. In wider international contexts, NNR also cooperates with the BIAC Governance and Regulatory Policy Committee, including participation in OECD Regulatory Policy Committee meetings.


BusinessEurope is the largest overarching trade organisation at EU level. With 40 member federations – employers’ organisations and trade associations – BusinessEurope represents approximately 20 million businesses in 35 countries. Its most important task is to speak for businesses vis-à-vis the European institutions, with the aim of retaining and strengthening the competitiveness of businesses. BusinessEurope also plays a role as one of the labour market parties at EU level, thereby promoting a properly functioning European labour market. Further information on BusinessEurope is available here.

BusinessEurope has seven policy committees in the areas of economic and financial affairs, international relations, industrial affairs, social affairs, legal affairs, entrepreneurship and SMEs and internal market. Each policy committee comprises several working groups, in which issues are discussed and supporting documentation for joint decisions and strategies is prepared.

NNR is a member of the Better Regulation Working Group, which promotes early consultation between EU institutions and the business community, better impact assessments and aims to reduce the total regulatory cost for businesses. The group does this through advocacy aimed at the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council. Further information on BusinessEurope’s better regulation agenda is available here.

Over the years, BusinessEurope has developed many position papers on the EU’s better regulation efforts. These include both comments on the EU Better Regulation Agenda and on specific elements thereof.

Through its participation in the BusinessEurope Better Regulation Working Group, NNR has actively participated in the preparation of these position papers.

All better regulation position papers are available here.


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