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BIAC and the OECD – drafting new Regulatory Principles

Mr. Jens Hedström, President of the Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR) is elected to Chair the BIAC Governance Committee where he will focus on finding tools for Regulatory Reform and how Regulatory Reform can promote growth. Vice Chairs of BIAC are Mr. Ján Oravec, President of the Entrepreneurs Association of Slovakia and Mr. Yılmaz Argüden, Chairman of TÜSİAD Public Reform Working Group (Turkey). As chair of the BIAC Governance Committee Mr. Hedström is also BIAC-member of the Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) within the OECD. Last week the Regulatory Policy Committee was meeting in Paris and BIAC have made a draft for new Regulatory Principles which will be discussed with the Regulatory Policy Committee.

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International Regulatory Reform Conference, IRRC in Amsterdam

NNRs main contribution to the International Regulatory Reform Conference (IRRC) in Amsterdam 10-11 March was the presentation on regulatory effects from a business perspective. Mr. Jens Hedström gave the view of NNR and Swedish business on how regulation affects conditions for growth and why the business perspective must be taken into consideration when different measures for the future are discussed.

To take businesses’ needs as the starting point instead of limiting the discussion in advance to certain aspects of the regulations is one key factor for the future work on Better Regulation.

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The Swedish agenda for rules and regulations 2010

The need for regulatory reform recurs again and again in surveys where business owners are asked about the barriers they see to the expansion of their business. In this report NNR suggests that it is essential to discuss and analyze the effectiveness of the different parts with which the government has worked. To be successful, the process must get at the problems that businesses raise. As regards measures taken, the report covers our view of the following overall issues:

– What has worked well and what has not worked? 

– What needs to be done so that businesses will notice a difference?

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