The NNR Regulation Indicator for 2008

The Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR) has published its annual evaluation of the Swedish Government’s programme to improve the regulatory environment for business.

In the Regulation Indicator for 2008, NNR concludes that signals from the Government in the area of regulatory simplification shows that the overall, long-term objective for simplifying the regulatory environment conforms with the views expressed by the business community in Sweden. Many of the tools needed within government to achieve the objective of a ”simple and efficient regulatory framework” are being put in place. The big challenge now is that politicians and civil servants must give priority the regulatory simplification and use the tools that are available.

There is a growing impatience among many companies in Sweden since they have perceived no decrease in regulatory burdens or costs. Results must, therefore, be delivered promptly if Swedish businesses are to have confidence in the Government’s endeavour to bring about better regulation.

Download the Regulation Indicator for 2008

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